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Need a video to attract buyers? we've got you covered! Whether your video is going on TV, a streaming service, or social media, we've got you covered! Have you seen that Chipotle commerical? We can help you too ;)

Documentary Film

With a specialization in telling stories, Lost Productions has a vast experience with full scale documentary production, as well as handling just the camera department. Keep an eye in 2020 for the latest project, Zach's Army

Reality TV

After winning an emmy for the reality show "Discovering Kansas City", Lost productions is eager and ready to jump on board and help shoot, sell, or edit your show! 

Lucas has shot full season runs on major shows like Queer Eye, Man vs Food, 90 day Fiance and many others

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Let us know more about your project. We can customize our services into a package that fits your specific needs. Tell us more about your ideas, and we'll get back to you soon with some answers.

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